Full Moon: Side-Effects May Vary!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Full Moon of each month is given a magical name that connects to the time of year in which it occurs.

  • Wolf MoonThis Full Moon occurs in January and is named after howling wolves. North American wolves howl before and during mating season, which occurs in February.
  • Snow Moon- The Snow Moon occurs in February and represents the snow that typically accumulates during this time (in the Northern Hemisphere.)
  • Worm Moon- The Full Moon of March is named after the movement of worms that typically occurs when the winter ground begins to thaw and make way for spring growth.
  • Pink Moon- In April we experience the Pink Moon, which represents the pink moss of wild ground phlox that begins to appear in certain parts of the world during this time.
  • Flower Moon- The Flower Moon occurs in May and points to the flowers that will begin blooming during this month in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Strawberry Moon- This Full Moon takes place in June and connects to Algonquin tribes who used this Moon as a signal to come together and gather the strawberries of the Earth, which were now ripe.
  • Buck Moon- The Full Moon of July is known as the Buck Moon, which represents the emergence of the buck’s horns through the thick forest growth of spring.
  • Sturgeon Moon- This August Moon is also known as the Green Corn Moon and represents the time of year when fishing by Lakota Native Americans for sturgeon was most plentiful in the Great Lakes.
  • Harvest Moon- The Harvest Moon can change each year, because it represents the Full Moon that falls closest to the Autumn Equinox, which occurs on September 21st. Therefore, this Full Moon may take place in September or October, and represents the harvest of the crops for the year.
  • Corn Moon- The Corn Moon may also be the Harvest Moon, depending on the year. This Full Moon represents the harvesting of corn during the autumnal season.
  • Hunter’s Moon- This is also known as the Blood Moon, and it happens in October. This is traditionally the time of year when folks would dry meats, preparing them for cold winter months ahead.
  • Beaver Moon- The Beaver Moon occurs in November and represents the time that Algonquin tribes would set beaver traps to make sure that there was plenty of meat and furs for the winter.
  • Cold Moon-The Cold Moon is the Full Moon in December, connected to traditionally chilly temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere during this month.

 What’s a Blood Moon?

The Blood Moon is traditionally the Full Moon that occurs in October; however, it is also a term used to indicate a Full Moon with a reddish or orange glow.

When you hear someone referring to a Blood Moon, the chances are likely that they are speaking of a large, warm-hued Full Moon.

How Does the Full Moon Affect Our Behavior & Mood?

 Full Moon in Aries

A Full Moon in Aries aligns with your mission in life and reveals your purpose. You may feel more in tune with your path and connected to your future successes. Aries is ruled by the assertive planet Mars, which pushes you toward bold action and standing up for yourself. Courage and instinct are favored under this Full Moon.

 Full Moon in Taurus

This is a sensual time when your appreciation for the finer things in life. You may feel attracted to indulgent things, like decadent food and luxurious purchases. It’s important to stay grounded during this time, which is made easier with the help of earthy Taurus. Taurus also encourages you to spend time thinking about the future and what you want to get out of life - but most importantly, it shows you practical approaches to taking steps towards your successful future.

 Full Moon in Gemini

This Gemini Full Moon encourages a need for mental stimulation. You will feel like expanding your mind at this time, studying new technologies, or learning a new language. You may pick up a new novel or find an exciting, fresh class to take. Communication is key with Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, making the sharing of information important during this transit.

 Full Moon in Cancer

This Moon can indicate intense emotions and a desire for domesticity. You may feel like doing little more than hanging out at home, cooking delicious meals, and journaling. This is a great time to get introspective and explore your emotions, learning more about your needs and desires. While emotions may be overwhelming, there are many things you can do to comfort yourself, like yoga and meditation.

 Full Moon in Leo

Leo is ruled by the Sun and brings a nice dynamic to the Full Moon. This transit increases creativity and self-expression, putting your personality front and center. You will feel more like putting yourself out there during this transit, and bold actions are favored. You may feel more flirtatious when the Full Moon is hanging out in Leo, making this a great time to put yourself out there.

 Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo brings a sense of grounding to the watery Moon with its earthy energy. This is a time that brings out organization, decluttering, and the proverbial spring cleaning. You may feel like tidying up your home or even your emotional sphere. Hands-on work is favored under this Moon and most projects that you bring your attention to will see productive activity and manifested miracles.

 Full Moon in Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, truth, and balance. A Libra Full Moon asks for centering of the emotions and a focus on your ability to handle the things that come your way. This social transit may encourage you to seek guidance from those around you, turning to your closest friends and trusted family for inspiration and answers.

 Full Moon in Scorpio

This transit may indicate an approaching change in your life. You may feel a calling from your higher self, driving you towards activities that help you discover the truth about the world around you. This Scorpio Full Moon is a good time to participate in spiritual and introspective activities, like tarot reading, astrology, and crystal healing.

 Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, who acts almost as the generous uncle of the zodiac. Jupiter wants to shower you with blessings and abundance, making this a very optimistic transit. You may feel more prone to positivity and a jovial demeanor than usual. This Sagittarius Full Moon might encourage you towards travel and adventure.

 Full Moon in Capricorn

The stern, fatherly planet Saturn rules Capricorn and brings with it many of life’s lessons. The Capricorn Full Moon may cause you to think more seriously about life and the steps you need to take to move closer towards success. Saturn also asks us to consider our karma and whether or not it’s on the right track. During this Full Moon you may feel drawn towards ideas and philosophies that make you feel more responsible or practical.

 Full Moon in Aquarius

This Full Moon brings out your eccentricities and your unique personality. Spontaneous Uranus rules over independent Aquarius. You may feel like going up against any oppressive force or system in your way. This influence brings out the rebel in you, and it can lead to some strange choices if you don’t stay grounded. It’s important to connect to Earth energy during a Full Moon in Aquarius.

 Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces is ruled by sensitive, empathetic Neptune, increasing your compassion during this time. You’ll feel more emotionally sensitive and attuned to the energies of others during this time. There is a mystical energy to this transit that draws you towards spiritual and magical practices, like astrology and tarot reading. Pay attention to your intuition during the Full Moon in Pisces.  

Full Moon Checklist

Full Moons mark the end of the lunar cycle, which means they connect to endings. They represent the end of one cycle and the transition into the next.

The light of the Moon represents the light that it sheds onto the most important areas of your life. When the Moon is full, or at its brightest, it’s easiest for us to see issues that need to be addressed. This can feel painful in the moment, but letting go can help you transform.

 A Full Moon may help you realize the habits or relationships that need to change in your life; changes that take place under a Full Moon have the potential to be epic or life-altering.

  • Full Moons are Revealing

The Full Moon increases your intuition, helping you connect to your own internal wisdom and appreciate the insights from your soul. This transit may give you deeper insight into a relationship or connection that you’re unsure about.

  • Full Moons are Cleansing

This is a great time to connect with your body, getting in touch with your roots and cleansing them.

  • Full Moons for Communication

Self-reflection is favored under this influence. You may feel more connected to your communicative center, understanding that open communication is crucial.

This is the time to share your feelings. This is also an excellent time to share your feelings and emotions.