Candle Uses & Color Meanings

Before the invention of electric lighting, candles and oil lamps were commonly used for illumination. In areas without electricity, they are still used routinely. Until the 20th century, candles were more common in northern Europe. In southern Europe and the Mediterranean, oil lamps predominated.

In the developed world today, candles are used mainly for their aesthetic value and scent, particularly to set a soft, warm, or romantic ambiance, for emergency lighting during electrical power failures, and for religious or ritual purposes.

In the 21st century, there has been a huge spike in sales of scented candles in recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuring lockdowns led to a dramatic increase in the sales of scented candles, diffusers and room sprays.

Though candles are renowned for improving our moods, lighting up, and improving the appearance of our spaces, they also get used for spiritual purposes. Candles tend to ward off your soul’s interior darkness. Within no time, a candle can uplift your spirit with its flickering light and its glow’s cozy warmth. Throughout the ages, candles have gotten spiritually connected.

People have been using candles to alter their state of being. A candle can help you calm down and uplift your mood. They even found their way in churches many years ago and are usually used as altar candles. You may wonder how candles get used for spiritual works. In this article, you shall get insight into how these candles get used for spiritual purposes. To grasp some knowledge, you may need to continue reading.

Spiritually, candles get used in prayer or creating a holy, magical, or sacred ambiance. It has gotten believed that candles help in connecting with specific deities, angels, or beings. Sometimes candles get used to enhance, prompt, or request particular energy to manifest. It depends on your intent and focus. But these spiritual energies associated with candles is as a result of their aroma and color.

Each energy gets awaken by a specific smell, and every color has its purpose. For a better understanding of how the spiritual candles work, let’s look at the color meanings associated with these candles.


Color Meanings in Spiritual Candles


Blue is a color of water, and its frequency gets regarded highly. It contributes to a sense of concentration, mental focus, calm, perception, and reflection. Blue color aids in spiritual understanding, gaining inspiration, and occult wisdom. It is also great for enhancing one’s memory.

When you use the blue color in your space or home, it helps in promoting calmness and peace. The energy of tranquility gets instilled, making you’re your emotions and mind the focus. Also, more peaceful relationships get created, and they flow harmoniously and smoothly.

For tranquility and peace, the light blue color is the best to use. Royal blue is ideal for laughter, loyalty, and joy. According to Natalia Kuna, throat chakra, the energy that focuses on self-expression and communication, gets associated with the color blue. If you want help with your use of voice or self-expression, try lighting a blue candle.

Archangel Michael also gets associated with the blue color, and many people light the blue candle to call in Archangel Michael’s energy to help protect them spiritually.


Orange color is renowned for its high stimulating power. It acts best at uplifting or stimulating someone to be creative or take action. Sacral chakra gets associated with this color because of its ability to promote emotional intimacy, fertility, and sexuality.

If you want to create something and want to be at your optimal creativity state, try tapping your creativity powers by lighting an orange candle. It is also ideal to use when you want to strengthen your ambitions, legal matters, and career.


Pink gets associated with self-love and love in general because it’s a pleasant soft color. With this color, new friendships and people get drawn to you. Because it oozes love’s sweet romance.

Vibration and affection, it is ideal to use when you want to attract a new soul mate. Lighting a pink color will bring you positive manifestations and happiness.


Despite the beauty of the silver candles, they get used for clairvoyance, intuition, and inspiration. These candles also get associated with astral energy. By lighting a silver candle, you get able to make decisions and gain clarity of things.


Brown color gets associated with the earth, making it a perfect tool to help you connect with nature. It is also associated with grounding someone, and that’s why many people light a brown candle to help them come back to earth or stabilize. Because of its discerning and neutral nature, brown color helps in fixing situations, problems, or finding eternity.

The saint connected with lost things, and the patron of the saints, St. Anthony, gets associated with the brown color. If you have lost something, look for a brown candle and lit it. Then pray and request St. Anthony to help you get what you’ve misplaced or lost.


It is not only a sacred color but also very pure. You can use this candle for any purpose. When used with other candle colors, it amplifies their energy and results. White candles are known to enhance divinity, peace, goodwill, spiritual purity, protection, and unity. If you are looking for a candle to help in your spiritual cleansing, balancing, and healing, you should consider lighting a white candle.

Also, crown chakra gets associated with the white color, enhancing a sacred connection to divine union, the universe, higher realms, divinity, and God. The smoke emitted when you burn out a white candle gets referred to as the negative energy. When the smoking stops, it means that all the negativity is gone, making the cleansing complete.

You can, therefore, lit white candles in your space or room to remove negative energies or spirits.


The yellow color represents the clear thinking or intellectual mind. A yellow candle, therefore, gets used in boosting focus, clarity of thought, and one’s mental capability. It also gets associated with the color gold, higher wisdom, creativity, insight, and imagination.

Because of its association with the illumination and light of God, the yellow color gets connected to the Archangel Uriel. Because of its connection with the solar plexus chakra, you can lit a yellow candle to boost your intuition, confidence, control, and self-power.


The green color is a symbol of healing, health, and balance between body, emotions, and mind. It acts as a symbol of renewal, growth, freshness, and movement. By lighting a green candle, you can also attract prosperity, abundance, and fertility. If you have money issues, you can use a green candle to boost your career, manifest your desires, or improve your finances.

The green color is also associated with the heart chakra. It is, therefore, ideal to light if you are praying over your wellbeing and health. It is the reason a green candle gets associated with the Archangel Raphael, the healing angel. You can also enjoy harmony, and help boost your friendships, love life, and relationships when you lit a green candle.


Red gets usually seen as vibrant and robust color. It gets associated with fire, sexuality, vitality, sexual potency, and passion. It also helps in boosting your good health, strength, and courage.

People lit red candles to promote career ventures, ambitions, promotions, change, and new realities. It also gets associated with the root chakra that’s in charge of finances and security.


The purple color is renowned as a mystical and spiritual color. Its vibrations are very high and get associated with royalty, wealth, attunement, mastery, and higher spiritual attainment. It is also known as a color of idealism, transmutation, visualization, and spiritual action. When you light a purple candle, your connection will get deepened, and you’ll be able to enter into your most profound state. As a result, you get to enjoy deep inner peace. It is the reason why many people use a purple candle while meditating, communicating with the spirits, spiritual power enhancement, and psychic development.

Purple color is also purifying, protective, and transformative. When you light a purple candle, the lower energies get transmuted, helping you overcome obstacles by dispelling negativity.

If you light a lavender colored candle, you will enjoy optimal soothing. But the violet color is renowned for its high frequency. Like the white color, it gets associated with the crown chakra. Lighting a violet candle will, therefore, help open your spiritual association with the Divine or God.


For many years, gold has gotten associated with prosperity and wealth. If you want to attract money, luck, and good fortune, you can light a gold candle. Despite helping you be successful, you can also use it to boost your legal issues or matters. Because of its similarity to the sun, it gets known as a spiritual color connected with sun energy.

By lighting a golden candle, you get able to attract powerful cosmic influences. It also assists in safety, protection, peace, removing negativity, and settling disputes between people. Golden candles are also famous for awakening minds and helping people understand deeply.


Many people regard the black color as a symbol of dark arts and negativity. But black color has other significance meanings. Many people use black candles to banish evil and negativity during a ritual, and occult performances. Black is also robust, and lighting a black candle will also help in opening a deeper level of your unconscious and meditation.

But recommendations are that a black candle should get used sparingly and very mindfully. For the same purpose of purification using a black candle, you should use the white candle because of its purity and high protective nature. The white color will naturally dispel negativity.

With the knowledge of how each color affects the spirituality purpose of a candle, you may now want to know how to use candles for spiritual work.

The spiritual goal of candles is to enhance energy during prayers and meditation. The following are ways you can use candles for spiritual purposes.

Ways of Using Spiritual Candles.

  1. Balance and Peace
    When we pray, we aim to achieve balance in life and peace. When you cooperate with your prayers with a candle to accomplish this, you get to double the benefits. But the candle’s color, as explained above, matters. Different colors affect different energies and in a different way. While praying, light a white candle to invoke peace, enlightenment, protection, purification, balance, blessings, and wholeness. Use a white candle in rituals requiring meditation and concentration. It also calls on the lunar energy and helps in spiritual healing and eliminating the negative feelings.
  2. Boosting Relationships
    Through prayer, you can get a perfect soul mate. To help strengthen your relationship, light one or more red candles in your home or bedroom. It will help boost your physical desire for your partner, vigor, and vitality. If you can perform the ritual of burning two red candles placed side by side inside your bedroom every Tuesday using ruby, agate, red tiger, and red jasper, the benefits will increase immensely. Also, using jasmine or scented candles will help stimulate the process.
  3. Health Improvement
    Spirituality and physical health go on par. Lighting five yellow candles placed on the kitchen table daily will help boost your good health. For improvement of your physical health, light a green candle. It will also help solve your money related issues. When used during meditation, candles help the process become more beneficial to the practitioner.
    During the Friday of the waxing moon’s night, light your green candles and add aventurine, green tourmaline, and jade. Then stay aside and witness how the power of green will help relieve your tension and stress. As a result, you will experience a healthier and fresh look.
  4. Work Load Management
    It may be surprising to some people, but candles work wonders in helping ease up any workload. Because the lit candle helps in relieving your emotional burden, you get to feel more relaxed, thus easing your workload. Excess wood energy in your space or house may make someone feel excessively overburdened. In such a case, pick the best location in your room’s or home’s left side. Then take nine red candles and place them in the center. Then ensure you light them every day in the morning. You will get surprised how light you get to feel.
  5. Unlimited Benefits
    For such benefits, you need to light a 7-day candle, which usually is unscented and comes in either white or another color based on the intention. It gets put in a cylindrical glass container embedded with symbols and saints on its glass. Such a candle gets commonly used in meditation, spiritual routines, and religious rituals.
    To increase the benefits, you can add herbs, essential oils, or crystals. There is no limit to when this candle should burn. You can leave it to extinguish itself or just put if off if you achieve what you wanted.
  6. Spirituality
    To attain your spirituality, you get to use the 7-day multi-colored candle. It consists of layers of wax colored differently. Based on what you want to achieve, you can use either or all the seven colors of the wax layers. The benefit of using all the colored wax layers is that you get to meditate or pray seven different times, depending on the color that’s burning at that particular time.
    You can also use more than one color to pray for a particular issue. For example, if you need money, you can use green and golden colors as both attract money.
  7. Assistance from Angels
    At times, regardless of whether you are religious or not, you may become so hopeless, and the only option is to request for the Divine Power’s help to take you out of the situation. Different angels get assigned various duties depending on the candle color. If you need assistance from a particular angel, you need to light a specific colored candle. For example, Angel Uriel will respond to a red candle because he’s responsible for wisdom.
    To seek help from the red angel, you will need to start a ritual with crystal, red candle, and pure essential oil. Then find a quiet place and light the candle, then make your intention known. As you pray, believe that the angel will come to your rescue.
  8. The Black Candle’s Power
    Black candles are always associated with satanic rituals and black magic, and their use may sound weird to you. But when used with other colored candles, several benefits get unlocked. For example, if you light a white and black candle together, all negativity in the room or space will get eliminated. You will also get healed while your memory and mind get stimulated when you light a black and yellow candle together. It is advisable not to light a black candle alone while praying. Only satanic and witchcraft rituals use black candles alone, so avoid using them solely while praying.


As discussed above, candles come with many benefits other than just lighting our spaces and improving our moods and the room’s appearance.

The use of candles has always been there and will always be there. The connection of the candles with spirituality is inevitable.

All colors available get associated with a certain energy, divinity, or angel. When candles with such colors get lit, they evoke the energies connected.

But for them to work, your belief and faith will have to get considered. Nothing works without belief and faith.

This article was written by Paul, a candle enthusiastic.



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