Using Colours

Colors are one of the simplest and most powerful forms of magic. Each color fuels and is representative of a magical outcome or intention. Learn the 10 basic color magic properties and how to weave them into your magical practice and daily life. Plus view our helpful color guide to crystals and herbs.

Color Magic Basics

Not only is color effective in magic, it permeates daily life. Certain colors lift our mood, help us relax, energize us. Other colors fuel our fire or can even create a negative effect. For example, if you’re feeling depressed, being in a room of blue or gray walls won’t help lift your mood. You need an uplifting color like yellow or orange. If you’re feeling anxious, avoid the color red. And so on.
But, as we typically find in magic, it’s not just the color it’s how YOU use it. Here we provide the basic color magic properties, and you can use them as stated. But keep in mind, color magic is also an individual practice. While I might use red for protection, you might find white is best. If I use purple for healing, you might prefer blue. And so on.