The Intuitive Adventure

The Intuitive Adventure

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Now you can heal your past and reconnect with your soul with this light and airy intuitive tool kit that takes advantage of opportunities right in front of you to guide you deeper toward your true desires.

This beautifully illustrated book reveals ways for you to playfully manifest what you truly want and need into your daily life or business. You’ll learn to reach unknown powers of the universe, develop your own untapped talents, and master more than 60 basic skills that will get you on the road to interacting with your intuitive soul.

Filled with tips and steps to enhance or heal your relationships, interpret messages, and lead you through life on a positive journey, this book will help you find simple aids to start a healthy life. Includes placing your intentions, body swaying, cleansing your chakras, feeling your energy, love strands, shifting bad moods, sexual connections, and much more.

Shannon Cox, illustrated by Natalie O'Brien
176 pp | 84 color images | Paperback

Made in United States of America

Dimensions: 6" w x 8" h