The Tarot Journal

The Tarot Journal

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Transform your tarot reading with this wonderfully guided journal, to record and reflect upon the cards you draw.

 The ancient art of tarot readings provides endless insight into your present and future. This beautifully illustrated full-color journal will help you take your tarot reading to the next level, allowing you to record your readings so you can easily look back on them and build a more powerful connection to the cards.

 With descriptions of the traditional meanings of each of the cards, you also have a quick reference to aid you during the reading itself. Plenty of lined pages enable you to record as you read and help you form a tarot journal that will be a valued tool in your reading practice.

- How to use this journal
- The meanings of each tarot card
- Lined pages to record readings
- Rarely seen Marseilles deck illustrations

 Fill these pages with your thoughts and reflections and let the guidance of the cards change your life for the better.

Author: Melissa Turnberry