How to Use Your Prayer Box

The power of prayer is something that cannot be disputed. No matter whether you subscribe to a particular religion or not, the positive and profound effects of prayer have been witnessed and felt by many.

Prayer boxes are used by nearly every religion known to humankind. Regardless of the religious affiliation, the premise of the prayer box remains the same -- to give individuals a place to physically store their written prayer requests, wishes and desires. Prayer boxes are also portable.

Essentially, prayer is about focusing on a specific intention, letting go of doubt and having faith that this intention will come to pass. Quantum physics now recognizes that the energy that is created during this practice actually goes out into the universe and gets to work!

A prayer box allows you to clarify, organize, and write down the things that you desire and are thankful for, as well as those things that you are anxious and upset about. The practice of writing down our prayers helps to set the intention and the act of putting the paper in the prayer box and closing the lid is symbolic of you letting go and having absolute faith that this prayer will be answered.

Prayer boxes are a great way to remind oneself to set goals and intentions and after some time, this becomes a habit that will help you to create the life that you desire.

Writing down your wishes and desires in the present tense gives them energy and power to come true. If you believe it has already come true, this banishes doubt and empowers faith.


Prayer Cloth



Prayer Oil

Wooden Candle Stand






1.      Find a quiet, secluded space where you won’t be disturbed.

2.      Lay out your cloth on a flat surface. On top of your cloth, place your: mirror, stones, and Prayer oil. Place your wooden candle holder on top of the mirror. (You may need a glass or ceramic bowl if you want to burn the paper in step 8.)

3.      Place your: candle, notepad, pencil, and matches next to you.

4.      Hold the prayer oil in your hand and recognize your spiritual source. Rub a little of the oil into your hand, and lightly touch your forehead.

5.      Using your notepad and pencil, think about what you truly want and write it down. Writing your desires out give them energy and increase the likelihood that your prayers will be answered. You can even draw a sigil or picture to describe your desire. Write your prayer request in the present tense, declaring that it is already a done deal. Writing a prayer request as something that will happen in the future sends a message to the universe that you are always waiting for what you want to come.

6.      Now, take a moment to imagine yourself living out your prayer or desire. Once the imagery is deep into your mind, take five deep breathes and relax.

7.      Holding this image in your mind, light your candle and place it in the wooden holder. It doesn’t hurt to make sure there’s nothing flammable nearby.

8.      You can fold your prayer request and place it into your prayer box saying, “It is already done”. Or, Burn the paper in a bowl. As the paper is consumed say, “It is already done”.

9.    Know that your spiritual source is already actively working to answer your prayer. Do not worry or dwell on it any longer. Let go and let it happen.

10. Give thanks to your spiritual source.


Prayer boxes can also be used for sentimental purposes. You may want to use it to keep pictures of friends or family, the first tooth your child lost, a lock of your baby’s hair or a precious stone given to you by a loved one. This ensures that these items are stored safely in a scared place.